Jubilares: senior cohousing in Spain

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Asociación Jubilares
Senior cohousing is a well known residential model for the elderly throughout Europe and North‐America. Apart from particular characteristics in each country, it is always based on participation and self‐managing, prioritizing intentional communities building rather than material construction. In Spain, where these kind of solutions are almost unknown, new elderly generations claim for higher levels of autonomy, and demand for residential models in which developing them. Current administrative, financial and legal frames require a careful adaptation work in order to mantain cohousing caracteristics safe, and prevent each Project from degenerating or leaving behind its basic principles. Jubilares has deeply researched on senior cohousing models worldwide, and how to bring their advantages into Spanish reality. In adition to other cohousing models, Jubilares implements a Person Centered Care Programme in order to supply social and health care coordination which guarantees patient’s autonomy and volition. In this context Jubilares is born as a non‐profit institution focused on advising groups of people who want to raise their own senior community in which enjoy their late years and keep themselves safe from loneliness risks.
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info@jubilares.es +34 913087038 Calle Zurbano 58 1ºC 28010 Madrid Spain
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Participation and empowerment

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